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ALBI le Géant


Our philosophy

If the foundation of our company is the result of creative and visionary minds, our philosophy is based on the premise that we treat our customers as we would like to be treated, that is, with transparency, respect and a lot of heart. Because your satisfaction is the central priority of every member of our team, we aim to offer exceptional service. Always anticipating your needs, we aspire to exceed all your expectations.

- Denis Leclerc, President

Our Story

L'origine d'ALBI le Géant

The origins of ALBI le Géant

It was in 1978, on Ste-Marie Boulevard in Mascouche, that the first dealership of the group, ALBI le Géant Mazda, was established. And it is to the then-owner, a man who had a special affection for the Albi region of France, that the company owes its name!

1997, a big year

In 1997, Denis Leclerc became co-owner of the dealership. Upon his arrival, the winds of change and success began to blow.

From 1997 to 2000, sales of ALBI le Géant Mazda increased exponentially. In just three years, sales quintupled! In 2000, Denis Leclerc became complete owner of the ALBI banner. Working together with Louise Villeneuve, current vice-president of the ALBI le Géant Group, Leclerc has ensured that the company stays on the road to success and continues to grow.

ALBI moves and expands

In 2002, strengthened by its success, ALBI le Géant Mazda decided to move into a new facility, and settled on the Avenue de la Gare in Mascouche. Not only does the new building respond better to the interests of the clientele, but it is also better suited to the innovative ideas of the young and dynamic team in place.

That same year (2002), ALBI le Géant acquired the Houle et Frères Kia dealership, then located on Chemin Gascon in Mascouche. In 2003, the dealership became ALBI le Géant Kia and moved on Avenue de la Gare, next to the new ALBI le Géant Mazda!

In 2003, a long list of expansions was started with the construction of an 40,000 square feet Mazda garage. At the completion of the work, in 2006, the original building was annexed to a 152,000 square feet surface! In addition to the garage, there is a beauty salon, a mechanic and bodywork center, and 50 garage doors on the plot of 960,000 square feet!

Summer 2008. This time, it's the customer service department that gets a new look. 25 interior mechanical bays are added to the building.

In the fall of 2009, the success of the company continues to grow and we decided to continue the building expansion. The addition of a second floor to the Avenue de la Gare building was soon completed. One now finds an escalator and four exhibition halls within the dealership, which became the headquarters of the company when the administrative offices migrated to the same address.